About Us

Magna Buildcon is focused to provide excellent real estate investment opportunities, delivery of affordable and premium residential projects and townships. Growing, with our clients, we are committed to deliver customer satisfaction that has earned us admiration as we desire to beat our own standards and raise them to the next level.

We are poised for delightful customer experience from the time the customer makes an enquiry to the handover of their dream home and even after that by keeping our projects highly maintained. We aim to achieve excellence by

  • • Delivering Project on time.
  • • Delivering or exceeding the committed quality standards.
  • • Creating exceptionally delightful customer experience.

Magna Buildcon provides clients with complete, competent and creative timely real estate solutions for residential township. Its philosophy embodies the vital elements of successful real estate concepts, which is combined with practical maturity and strengthened by financial practicality.

Magna Buildcon ethos embraces the desires and goals of its clients its clients, taking a development concept and producing a controlled end product under expert project management in both residential and investments. The company takes an expert overview of its client’s projects, analyzing the benefits of each enterprise in both the short and long term and how the client may best profit in every aspect.

The company takes pride in its ability to provide a maximum return to its clients at every level. The process is based on an accurate assessment of the requirement at the outset when the client may depend on us for accurate interpret a forward plan with transparent and well-targeted stages, with the customer’s needs a constant priority throughout Magna Buildcon believes that attentive customer support based on sound financial and project management will deliver a first class program of investment, with constant updates and a confident and controlled service from concept to conclusion.


Our vision is to ensure that every life we touch feels success and enriched.


We shall be a guide and a mentor to people so that they are able to make the most informed Real Estate decisions to meet their life goals

Innovation: To make a difference, you have to create something with a difference. Innovation is the key to etch out space for oneself on an already populated horizon. When we get to the drawing board, we paint the canvas bright with life and the joys of everyday living, interaction, emotions and yet keep ourselves cost-conscious until we come up with a masterpiece worth promoting as a product.

Integrity: Systematic process flows guided by real time Enterprise Planning, SOPs and TATs govern our day to day functioning. Every desk in our work environment keeps the commitment to quality and customer responsiveness intact through this multiple interfaces. High degree of corporate governance and international best practice is a core value that we always feel proud about.

Transparency: An astute belief in integrity begets unbeatable grades of transparency throughout our transactions – be it engaging with our customers, partners and associated or implementing some of the finest available technologies and methodologies to construct. We work closely with all our customers & stakeholders and keep them abreast of developments within the company and at project sites through an engaging customer portal which allows prompt access to portfolio details.

Involvement: At Magna Buildcon the sales closure is not the end of a transaction. It is simply the beginning of an enduring relationship fostered through positive experiences, choreographed by our relationship managers. We take the concerns and observations of all stakeholders personally and work towards identifying solutions, finding means to benefit our customers and ensuring that every interaction is an experience you would love to come back to.